Vacation Offer

Hi there and welcome! This is a one-time offer to provide one full (45-min) session to any person with a link. The offer provides a free session. There are no requirements, but I ask for a good-faith promise to give my card or brochure to three people you know who could use help, which will either be emailed or given to you in person at your appointment. Alternatively, you may offer a donation of your choice to my gofundme for people who do not have the funds to pay for therapy, which can be found on the main menu under "Give a Healing Song," or click here. To make an appointment, please click the link below, referencing "vacation offer" in the subject headline, and we'll set it up.  Please note that this offer is only for a limited time and subject to my availability.

Suggestions for your "vacation" session:

  1. Anxious or stressed? Engage in a powerful EMDR-based imagery technique that will give you an embedded tool to help you relax and deal with emotional stress that you can use on your own. 
  2. Struggle with worry? Learn some cognitive-behaviorally based tips for countering worry thoughts and dealing with body tension.
  3. Dealing with disturbing memories or thoughts? Share about your disturbing story of loss, pain, heartache, trauma, or abuse, and hear my thoughts on how you can start to work through it on your own and the therapeutic interventions that might help you find freedom.
  4. Do you struggle with unhelpful patterns of behavior in relationships or life? Take a brief assessment to determine your lifetraps - ways of thinking about yourself, others, or the world learned in childhood - and how you can begin working to defeat these maladaptive patterns of thinking and behaving in relationships on your own or in therapy.
  5.  Relational difficulty? Share a difficulty you have with a friend or relative and hear my thoughts on what to do, how to find peace, where to create boundaries, and whether you may need additional help.
  6.  Is your body overly tense? Find out why. Let me assess whether it is physiological, cognitive, emotional, or trauma based tension.  
  7.  Do you have a problem gnawing at your mind? Problems are like knots that need a deft hand to untie. Sometimes all it takes is another perspective. Give it a try.
  8.  Just need a listening ear? Sometimes all we need is a sympathetic, kind, trained ear who can give some encouragement. If that's all you need, don't hesitate to reach out. 
  9.  Feeling hopeless or depressed? I can't promise to "cure" you in one session, but I can at least give you some options to point you in the right direction for climbing out of that pit you're in.
  10.  Don't know what you need but just know it's something? Come to therapy with me and get the clarification you need to start working on it. 

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! Don't forget to click "schedule appointment" below and to put "vacation offer" in subject heading.

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