Vision of Healing Songs

Our Vision and Mission

When we need relief, whether in our emotions, problems, or relationships, we look for someone we can trust who embodies expertise, experience, and compassion.

Danny Miller is passionate about helping people through traumatic experiences, painful patterns in relationships, and distressing anxiety. Read what Danny has to say about the three tenants that inform his therapy: Love, Truth, and Life:

  • Love : "In the song, 'The Rose,' real love is compared to the way the sun shines on a seed buried deep beneath the snow, helping it grow to its full potential. My mission is to take the distorted, disharmonious, discordant, jangled melodies that appear in your life's story and help you make them harmonious. My vision is that with self-compassion and healthy boundaries, you can also extend your unique love-gift to others on your path."
  • Truth : "When I was a young man, I went to see a therapist named George, who helped me overcome my depression using well-researched cognitive behavioral methods. The backbone of any treatment plan should be effective treatment. I have trained extensively to master some of the most scientifically validated therapies, which you can see on the adjacent page. Perhaps more importantly, I have adopted an attitude of learning with my clients, which helps my style be collaborative and creative."
  • Life : "Upward growth is a part of all life, from birth to death. Your journey may have gotten sidetracked. Your song may have been muted. Your vision may have become clouded. But when we tackle those problems with hope, life always finds a way to thrive."

But Why the Name "Healing Songs"?

I believe that in all people's heart exists a unique chord that is their signature key - the chord of their lives. That chord is made up of life's successes and failures, laughs and tears, jubilations and disappointments. It's a complex chord and is sometimes harmonious but often times not. In a way, that explains why certain songs can have so much meaning to us. They resonate with our own song.

It also explains why relationships with people who accept us are so important. A genuine, caring heart and a listening ear can create just the right conditions for the secret chord to be played. When that chord is played in the presence of a caring listener, a person can reflect and adjust the chord to be more melodic, harmonious, or true.

Soul healing is rewarding - not discouraging - because it equips people to play the song that their heart was always meant to play. This is why I am a Song Giver. This is why I hope you will choose to be one, too!

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